The Law Graduate Program (PPGD) began its activities in 1984 and is part of the Institute of Legal Sciences of the Federal University of Pará (ICJ-UFPA), which, in turn, originated from the Free Law School of Pará, one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1902.

Currently, the Program offers Masters and Doctoral courses (only in the area of Law in the Amazon), and is structured around a single Area of Concentration: Human Rights.

It has five research lines: Constitutionalism, Public Policies and Human Rights; Fundamental: concretization and guarantees; Fundamental Rights and Environment; Critical studies of law; Penal system and Human Rights.

Its mission is to train professionals who, understanding the local reality, rich in resources but still with low rates of economic and social development, work to transform it. For this, it aims to offer solid theoretical training, allied to political and social competence.



In 1984, the Master's Degree in Public Law was recognized by CAPES. In 1987, PPGD underwent a reform process, which gave rise to two Areas of Concentration: Legal-Political Institutions and Legal and Social Institutions in the Amazon.

The Doctoral course was approved and implemented in 2003. In order to prepare the proposal, it was sought to identify common themes developed by the two Areas of Concentration to merge them into a single one, which resulted in the creation of the Area "Fundamental Rights and Relationships Social. "

The following year, the PPGD approved a proposal in the Invitation to create Master’s in Human Rights, sponsored by the Carlos Chagas Foundation and Ford Foundation. Considering the close proximity between this theme and the newly created Area of Concentration, it has since 2005 been offering the Area of Concentration in "Human Rights", both at Master’s and Doctoral levels.