Minter and Dinter

In partnership with the State University of Mato Grosso, classes of Inter-institutional Masters (20 students) and Institutional Doctoral (10 students) are offered by the PPGD. Dinter classes were started in 2014, while Minter's class was already in progress.


Acting in institutions of Pará

Masters and Doctors trained by the PPGD act in the teaching in several Colleges of Law of Pará, contributing for the elevation of the level of education of the area in the State. Emphasis is placed on the performance of graduates from the newly created Federal University of the West of Pará (UFOPA), where they also work in the Specialization Course on Human Rights and Public Policies offered by this IES.


Acting in institutions of the Amazon

In addition to PPGD, the Amazon region has three other Master's degrees in Law, one at the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), the other at the University Center of the State of Pará (CESUPA) and the last at the University of Amazônia (Unama) in which the work of PPGD graduates has been fundamental for the regional expansion of postgraduate studies in Law, since they are a significant part of the faculty that works in these institutions.