Human Rights Clinic of the Amazon (CIDHA)

Inaugurated in March 2011 by the PPGD-UFPA, the Human Rights Clinic of Amazonia (CIDHA) is an area of ​​integration between research and extension, bringing together professors and students of Law Graduate Program and Undergraduate Course. Its objective is to constitute itself as a space for debate, acting in the construction of new instruments and mechanisms aimed at the protection and promotion of Human Rights within the UFPA. The Clinic receives approximately 10 undergraduate students annually, among volunteers and scholars, who carry out research and extension activities with graduate students, thus acting in the professional qualification of the same through the practice in human rights, in dialogue with various social, governmental and non-governmental actors.

The Clinic supports civil society and the Public Power in actions that respect human rights, identifying and studying paradigmatic cases of human rights violations and promoting academic debates that allow us to innovate in the learning process in Law at UFPA. One of the objectives of the Clinic is to carry out consultancy and legal advice to social movements, non-governmental organizations and public institutions, which is fundamental for students' teaching and learning, since these institutions are also an object of study / research.

There are two lines of action, interconnected. The first, "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights," seeks to promote public policies related to land use planning, agroforestry management and management, land regularization of small, medium and large property, recognition of quilombola areas and traditional populations, demarcation of indigenous areas and creation of conservation units. The second, "International", enables students to activate the International Protection Systems in paradigmatic cases of human rights violations.

Several actions have already been carried out through the Clinic, such as training activities with the Inter-American Human Rights System with the Public Defender of the State of Pará and participation in the Peasant Commission of the Truth. The Clinic has a website where the actions of the same are disclosed: