Academic week

In the period from September 29 to October 3, 2014, the 1st Academic Week of the Institute of Legal Sciences was held, promoted by PPGD / UFPA, ICJ / UFPA and CADEL (Academic Center Edson Luís). Under the theme "Human Rights: Challenges of Contemporary Law", the event was organized on the basis of GTs coordinated by the students of the Graduate Program, with presentation of the students of the Graduation. In addition, the professors of the PPGD / UFPA gave lectures on the themes of their research: Professor Gisele Góes: "Defense of collective rights and collective defense of rights"; Professor Violeta Refkalefsky: "Great Amazon projects and minority rights"; Professor Raimundo Raiol: "The importance of accessibility in the context of social inclusion: contribution to inclusive education" Professor Ana Cláudia Pinho: "Criminal guaranty: the application of the doctrine of Luigi Ferrajoli in the implementation of a democratic state of law" ; Professor Pastora Leal: "Current Trends in Civil Liability: Living in a Risk Society"; Professor Rosita Nassar: "Personality Rights and Labor Relations"; Professor José Benatti: "Agro-environmental protection and its insertion in the Amazonian context"; Professor José de Cláudio Filho: "Theory of justice according to John Rawls: the ideal of distributive justice"; Professor Fredie Didier Jr (UFBA): "The recursal systematics in the new CPC"; Professor Paulo Weyl and Professor Jeferson Bacelar: "Autonomy and legal norm"; Professor Antônio Maués and Professor Francisco Sérgio Rocha: "The practice of overruling: effects, conditions and consequences for legal security".